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"Our main priority is keeping it fun, light, and simple, and the rest just follows."

TASO (80 of 87)-min

‘TMS’ specialises in early childhood learning but also caters to students of all ages, from the very young, to the young at heart.

Taso has developed his own unique program bringing together over 25 years of industry experience.

At TMS our goal is to inspire people to play a musical instrument, whether you wish to pursue music as a hobby, study it further, or enter a professional career.

Our main priority is keeping it fun, light, and simple, and the rest just follows.

Taso’s unique methodology is broken down into a simple step by step method, ‘decoding’ and solving the ‘mysteries’ of music, making it easy and accessible to anyone regardless of age or background. From the very young, to the young at heart, we believe music is for everyone!

Music enriches our own lives, and, the lives of others. It is widely known that music (and playing an instrument in particular), generates good health and well-being, improves self-esteem, boosts confidence, and releases endorphins in the brain.

Studies show that people who learn to play an instrument, drastically improves their cognitive functions, particularly among young children and early development. It helps to develop left and right brain coherence, but especially, heart and brain coherence! It improves our ability to problem solve, math skills, many other academic subjects. It improves our sense of focus and concentration, (combatting symptoms like ADHD which is common among children these days). The list goes on and on…

The most gratifying and rewarding experience over the years from having taught thousands of students, is seeing the transformation that takes place in people’s lives.

Overall, music can take you down a path of adventure, of self-discovery, creativity, and personal growth!

Welcome to the wonderful world of music!


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